Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turning Away Do-Gooders

An ethical & practical consideration of blood clinics

DISCLAIMER: Adult themes discussed.

I gave blood today, and the entire donation process made me consider recent worries of some people about possible discrimination against certain people groups based on lifestyle choice in the decision to disallow them to donate blood.

It is my personal opinion that Blood Services makes an entirely practical decision when they ban people in high-risk lifestyles from donating blood. If they didn't, they would be placing patients in an even greater danger than they face even now of receiving diseases from donors' blood.

Of course the real issue revolves around whether or not certain behaviors (such as homosexual activity) truly place people at greater risk of contracting diseases such as the HIV virus. Yet, where peoples' health is concerned is it not best and most pragmatic to assume the worst until it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be otherwise?

Is there enough evidence now to support the conclusion that homosexual behaviors do not place people at greater risk of contracting HIV?

What are your opinions on this issue?

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