Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Prayer for My Readers

Dear God, how gracious You are! To give us time and talents for use for Your kingdom, Lord! To grant us life and breath with which to seek and serve You, Lord!

It is my prayer that we will use what You have given us for the purposes for which You gave them! May we not hide our talent in the sand, but use it to Your glory, Lord! May we do everything for the sake of Christ - to see the lost saved and Your Kingdom grow; to help our brothers and sisters live lives set apart and useful for Your service, Lord! May all we do bring You glory!

It is my prayer that we will set aside worthless pursuits and pursue that which is most worthy, namely Jesus Christ! May He be pleased with our work, Lord, though we remember it is not by works but only by grace we are saved! Yet, we long to work - to spend and be spent - for His sake! Because He spent Himself for us!

If what we do is not for His sake, it is worthless and offensive to You, and we want no part of it, Lord! Show us where we need to examine our motives - our hearts - and make us even more in love with Jesus Christ!

Granting us grace where we fail!


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