Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prayer Humbles

God in His grace has shown me a lot of my pride. He has shown me also that it is because of my pride that I don't like to pray.

Prayer in any significant sense means bowing to God and acknowledging Him as Maker of the Universe and my Lord and Master...my Sustainer and my Provider.

And it's recognizing that He is all those things, even though I can't see Him or hear an audible reply to my prayers.

That's very humbling.

But we need to be humbled before God, and prayer is a beautiful way of accomplishing this.

I even have found I need an extra push to get me to humble myself in prayer, so I have taken to speaking my prayers out loud as if I were talking to a person. It focuses my mind and keeps my heart from being lifted up and thinking that it's a silly thing to pray at all...which I sadly find myself thinking all too often.

Let us humble ourselves in prayer and draw near to God, and He will draw near to us.

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