Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleepless Nights

What disturbs your sleep?

Sleeplessness can have a number of causes... Drinking too much coffee... Staying in bed too late that morning... Being on the computer right before bed...

Strong emotion can also disturb sleep.

Often I can't sleep if I'm excited.
Or if I'm upset.
Or if I'm scared.

Our emotions can keep us from sleeping.

What are the things that affect us emotionally?

Are we affected by the thought of lost people going to Hell?
Are we affected by the lukewarmness in our churches?

How about the thought of being with Jesus in Heaven one day?
Are we excited about seeing Him?

Does God wake you in the night to spend time with you?
Are you excited to spend time with God?

The next time you set your head to the pillow and can't sleep, don't worry too much friend - go to God in prayer and spend some time with Him!

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