Friday, July 15, 2011

A Simple Lesson with BIG Implications

God's provision does not give occasion for my selfishness!

This week I've had the privilege of teaching Missions in the Vacation Bible School program at Arbor Christian Fellowship in Lake Forest, CA.

Every day I would try to give the children a treat so they'd have something to look forward to at the end of their time in my class. I brought a bag of Starburst candies with me. There are a lot of candies in one bag, but forgetting that it isn't a limitless supply, I couldn't resist twice dipping into the bag and eating a candy.

But on the last day, today, a sad thing happened. I was short two candies! I didn't have enough for everyone!

Which got me thinking: if I hadn't been selfish and taken candy for myself, I would have had enough candy at the end of the week for my students!

Which also got me thinking: though we trust in God to provide, His provision is not an occasion for us to be selfish!

Just because God graciously provided enough candy for my students, that did not mean He provided it for me to satisfy my own sweet tooth.

The things God provides are to be used for His purposes, not ours! Don't forget Who it is that provides for you! He is God! We are not!

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