Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Had Better Be Right: The dehumanization of peoples

I wanted to write another post in my series on the Proverbs 31 Single, but it seems that God has placed something else entirely on my heart for this morning.

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China Daily Europe

Allegedly, there have been reports of the smuggling of China-made "health pills" into South Korea which contain the powdered remains of human fetuses. China reports that no such pills have been found in China, but of course we must remain highly skeptical of both sides.

What I want to discuss is not whether these reports are factual or not. I want to discuss the dehumanization of people groups and how that leads to an increase in human rights violations against those people. Because if fetuses are human, and we have declared that they are not, then what we have committed against these humans is the equivalent of torture and execution without fair trial. And we should all be held morally responsible.

Perhaps that's why we don't want to admit that a fetus is a human being--because then we have to admit our own culpability; we have to admit our part in the worst genocide this world has ever seen. And we don't want to.

BUT... think... if we're going to live this way, we had BETTER BE RIGHT... because IF WE ARE WRONG... and fetuses are actually babies that we're killing by the millions... well, we all know what that means. That makes us murderers and enablers. And those that enable the slaughter of babies by saying and doing nothing are every bit as culpable as those who are cutting up their poor defenceless bodies.

Think about it...

How were Jews and other undesirable people groups treated under Hitler? ... like cattle.

How were Africans treated under the American slave trade? ... like cattle.

How are unborn children treated today? ...

We had better be right...

For if history proves that an unborn child is just as much a human as a child after birth--just as history proved that a Jew is a person and an African is a person--then we are all guilty of the worst slaughter of the innocents since the reign of King Herod.

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