Monday, July 16, 2012

Goliath was small...

"Goliath isn't even big."  That's what one of my Sunday School students said today.  We weren't even reading the story of how the little shepherd boy David slew the mighty giant Goliath.  In fact, we hadn't started the lesson yet.  The children were still playing when D said this:

Goliath isn't even big.  He's biggish.  He doesn't even know that he's small.  God is HUMUNGOUS!

With that simple childlike observation, I was reminded of the immensity of God.  D was absolutely correct!  Goliath wasn't big at all, at least not if you matched him against God.  If you matched him against an average man, then he was a giant; but if you matched him against God, he was an insignificant ant.

Yet the armies of Israel trembled before him.  Why?

Because they weren't matching him against God.  They weren't expecting God to fight for them.  They had forgotten God--not only how BIG He is, but also that He is ready to fight for His people!

But David did not tremble before the giant.  Why?

Though David was smaller than other men--just a youth--he had boldness where others had fear because he trusted in the living God.  David did not match Goliath against himself or any other man, but against God, and God came out on top!  David knew God--that He is much BIGGER and He would fight for David and deliver His people!

And David won.  Not because he was great, but because God is great!

We will be able to meet our Goliaths with the same bold confidence when we match them against God instead of people!

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