Thursday, August 9, 2012

They Said It: Andrew Murray on Obedience

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was a South African missionary and pastor.  He wrote many books about walking intimately with God in devotion and prayer.

Ye are My friends, if ye do the things which I command you. - John 15:14 
... This truth, of the imperative necessity of obedience, doing all that Christ commands us, has not the place in our Christian teaching and living that Christ meant it to have.  We have given far higher place to privilege than to duty.  We have not considered implicit obedience as a condition of true discipleship.  The secret thought that it is impossible to do the things He commands us, and that therefore it cannot be expected of us, and a subtle and unconscious feeling that sinning is a necessity have frequently robbed both precepts and promises of their power.  The whole relation to Christ has become clouded and lowered, the waiting on His teaching, the power to hear and obey His voice, and through obedience to enjoy His love and friendship, have been enfeebled by the terrible mistake.  Do let us try to return to the true position, take Christ's words as most literally true, and make nothing less the law of our life: "Ye are my friends, if ye do the things that I command you."  Surely our Lord asks nothing less than that we heartily and truthfully say: "Yea, Lord, what Thou dost command, that will I do." ...

[From The True Vine by Andrew Murray, Moody Press, public domain]

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