Friday, August 17, 2012

When Bible-reading Becomes Futile: A Warning

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This post is specifically written in connection with "When Bible-reading Becomes Futile".  If you read that post and were thinking, Well, I really don't pray enough; I think I'll stop reading my Bible until I can pray more... don't be embarrassed; it's what I did ...then this post is for you.

Yes, it can be a futile pursuit to read your Bible and then not obey the direct commands you read in it.  However, if it is your sincere desire to grow in those areas where you see you are not yet giving full obedience, then be patient and call on God and He will help you.

But DO NOT cut out Bible reading all together until you can "pray more" or "pray better".  You'll be cutting off the legs on which you stand.

The Word of God is our source of growth.  It's our spiritual sustenance.  It's better than bread (Matthew 4:4) and it's like pure milk that helps us grow (1 Peter 2:2).  We need it!

And who needs milk more than the growing--the infants; those who have not yet learned how to fully obey everything that they read in Scripture?

As we read the Word, the Spirit of God convicts us--about sin; about areas where we need to grow in obedience.  It is folly to ignore that conviction--and if you harden your heart, then your reading has indeed become futile; you'll never obey, no matter how much you read--but it is also folly to say, Well, I'm just not going to read anymore until that area of my life is perfect.  What sort of pride is this?  [And I must confess I am guilty of it!]  We're never going to be perfect this side of Heaven.  There's always going to be more for us to learn.  We NEED the Word of God in our lives to teach us, to guide us, and to sanctify us in the truth.

And no one needs this reminder worse than I do!

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