Thursday, September 13, 2012

Esteeming and Yielding: How should I think about marriage?

Christ yielded Himself completely to the will of the Father, and in so doing gave us an example of perfect humanity--that is, how we ought to and must submit ourselves to the will of God.

As single women, that means submitting ourselves to the will of God that we should be single at this time.  Though we desire a husband--our will dictates that we ought to be married now--we are required as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to do as He did, deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him.  We, too, are to submit ourselves unequivocally to the will of God, just as Christ submitted Himself to the will of the Father.  After all, we are in Christ--in Him we were crucified and in His resurrection, we have new life.  In Christ, we are conformed to the character of Christ, and Christ yielded Himself completely to the will of the Father.  Therefore, we yield ourselves completely to the will of God for us--His will that we should be single at this time.

This is a difficult thing.  One is tempted to have a bad attitude and/or to console oneself with thoughts that marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway.  There are many problems with this type of thinking. Not least of which is that this is contrary to the design of God.  Marriage is a beautiful thing.  Indeed, marriage is honourable among all and the marriage bed undefiled (Hebrews 13:4).  Children are a gift, and they are produced from the marriage union.  Therefore, if we are to have the mind of Christ--the mind of God--on the matter of marriage, we must reverence and esteem marriage, even while God withholds earthly marriage from us.

God is good, marriage is good, His will for us is good.  By humbling ourselves before Him and accepting everything He gives us, and realizing that He will work all things for our good to conform us into the image of Jesus Christ; by believing our God, we give Him honour and glory even when we seem to have a good thing withheld from us.

Dear sister, God does you no wrong by not giving you an earthly husband.  If you have been set free from sin by the blood of Jesus Christ on your behalf, then you have had your greatest need met--salvation from the wrath of Almighty God against your sin--and you have Jesus Christ Himself as your Heavenly Bridegroom.  Rejoice and be exceeding glad!

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