Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Than Words: Experiencing the Living God

Today, I seriously considered deleting this blog.

Why?  Because I don't just want to talk about Christianity.  I want to live it out.

Too often I find myself writing about the Christian experience and I have to ask myself: Is that what I'm experiencing?  I know all the right answers, but have I experienced God?

I mean, I don't want to be chasing a feeling.  Feelings come and they go.  That's their nature.  In the same way, I don't want to be chasing a subjective "experience".

However, the Bible teaches that God is personal.  His name?  The Eternal Ever-Existent One: The Great I AM.  He is pure, untainted personality, and you know something miraculous?  He wants us to know Him intimately!

"Seek Me!" He says.

"Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other."
- Isaiah 45:22

Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near. - Isaiah 55:6

One can have a real, objective experience of a person!  Indeed, such an experience is IMPERATIVE to saving faith!

Paul Washer says it this way:
Let’s imagine that I show up late and I run up here on the platform, and all the leaders are angry with me and say, “Brother Paul, don’t you appreciate the fact you’re given an opportunity to speak here and you come late?” 
And I’d say, “Brothers, you have to forgive me.” 
“Well, why?” 
“Well, I was out here on the highway, and I was driving and I had a flat tire and I got out to change the tire, and when I was changing the tire, the lug nut fell off, and I wasn’t paying attention that I was on the highway and I ran out and I grabbed the lug nut, and as soon as I picked it up in the middle of the highway, I stood up and there was a 30-ton logging truck going 120 miles an hour about ten yards in front of me, and it ran me over and that’s why I’m late.” 
Now, there would only be two...logical conclusions. One, I’m a liar or, two, I’m a madman. You would say, “Brother Paul, it’s absolutely absurd. It is impossible, Brother Paul, to have an encounter with something as large as a logging truck and not be changed.” 
And then my question would be to you–What is larger? A logging truck or God? 
How is it that so many people today profess to have had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and, yet, they are not permanently changed?

Christianity IS an encounter with--an experience of--the living God!  I must ask myself: Have I had such an experience?  Have you?

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