Friday, October 5, 2012

"The Hosea Love Story": Go watch it!

If you have not seen "The Hosea Love Story"--a modern portrayal of the Book of Hosea--then I highly recommend that you do so.  The story comes in a 6-part series of short 3-4min videos which can all be viewed HERE.

The Book of Hosea is a beautiful, and often rather painful, description of God's unrelenting love towards an unfaithful people.

Most would call Hosea (and God) a shmuk for loving an unfaithful woman--especially for taking her back time and time again and allowing her to have another man's baby.  But that's the AWESOME LOVE OF GOD!

Think about it: the God of all the universe, the one true God, the living God whose Name is Great and Terrible...who is fiercely jealous for His Name and zealous for His reputation...the same God pursues the unfaithful...even to His own hurt!  Just look at the cross!

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