Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Why Should You Die?" - a poem

Why Should You Die?
By Sadie Daniels [by help from on high]
November 17, 2012

In your heart you know that you've sinned
You know you're deserving of death
And yet you deny it and chase down the wind
When all the while God's giving you breath

He has not dealt with you according to your sins
He has not punished you as you deserve
He withholds judgement as He holds out His hands
Bidding you to come and to live

For why should you die; why be destroyed
Why run from God--as if you could
Nowhere can you escape to that will not betray you
Hiding will do you no good

For everything hidden will surely be known
And what's done in a corner will be told in the street
So come to Him, now, while mercy is shown
Come, with your Adversary, make peace

Dear sinner, do you not know the reason He came
Or why He gave up His life on a tree
He came so He could seek and save what was lost--
And that means you and me

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