Friday, January 25, 2013

Humility, Dessert & The Gospel

Humility.  It's something I need more of.  Without humility I can't pray; I can't read my Bible in a submissive spirit; I can't love people as I ought because I can't put them before myself.  Without humility I can't live the Christian life.  Jesus said that unless we enter the kingdom of God as little children (that is, with humility) then we will by no means enter it (Matthew 18:3,4).

I don't have much humility, but God is always working to build humility in me.  He often uses the mundane (what better way) to do it, too.

Today I wanted to make a dessert to take to my college group.  (If any of them are reading this, they'll be saying What dessert?  Well, that's kind of the point of my story.  haha.)  I got out our Hershey's cocoa powder and there were recipes on the container.  I thought I can't bake anything--I don't have eggs.  But there was a recipe for a no-bake treat.  I thought Great!  Let's do it!

So I went to making those little chocolate-covered oat chews (or whatever they're called).  Except that I didn't know that's what I was making.  I didn't have any oats, so I thought I'd just make the chocolate part.  In my mind, I was seeing the chocolate holding together to make little chewy candies.  No way!  There was nothing I could do to make that chocolate hold together.  What I got was a kind of frosting...but nothing to put it on.  And what was worse...I'd laid it out on a cookie sheet (on wax paper) so to get it into a bowl was near impossible (plus it had cooled to where it was like molasses).  Anyways, it was a mess.  I ended up washing it down the sink.  Fail!

I was rather upset about it.  The recipe used up an entire stick of margarine, 2 cups of milk, and 2 heaping tablespoons of peanut butter.  My family isn't exactly poor, but we can't really afford to waste food like that.  And it was just that--a waste.  I don't like wasting things.  I thought I'd go to the Lord in prayer about it.

While I was praying, I thought of other things I feel I've wasted...time, opportunities, gifts, money, resources...  I've wasted a lot of things.  Do you want to know what's the biggest waste, though?  ME!  Apart from Christ, I'm an absolute waste--a waste of the image of God I was created in; a waste of the gifts that God has generously bestowed in His grace; a waste of a life, really.  There is nothing valuable in me!  If I have any value in the eyes of God, it is because He has chosen to value me apart from anything He can see in me!  And yet, He loves me!  Jesus Christ died to save sinners--wasted lives--just like me!  And He did it in spite of us!  While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!

Behold...the Gospel.

And you know what happens when God sets His love upon us--in spite of us?  He makes something beautiful--He redeems the waste.

Thank You, God!

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