Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"The God to Whom I belong"

...the God to whom I belong... - Acts 27:23, NKJV
The Apostle Paul was able to say that he belonged to God.  That is, God owned him; he was His property.  In his epistles, he would often refer to himself as a "prisoner" or say that he was "bound".  He would use terms like "slave" to refer to himself and other believers.  Remember in First Corinthians when he says that we were bought with a price and we are not our own?  The Apostle Paul realized that Christ purchased him at the cross, and He therefore had rights to do with him as He saw fit.

Do we have this same attitude?  Do I?

I am no less a "purchased possession" than the Apostle Paul, if I am truly a believer in Jesus Christ.  I, too, was purchased at the cross.  There was a transaction--a price paid.  Now Jesus has exclusive rights to me.  He gets to call the shots.  I, however, can choose to resist His claim to authority over every aspect of my life (thereby incurring His discipline)--or I can submit in humility to my Savior, Creator, Lord, and Master.

Which will I choose?  Which will you?

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