Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Greater Gift?: a poem

What greater gift could the Father give than what He gave to us--
That Jesus Christ, His only Son, should bleed and die for us?

For blameless, spotless, innocent, He--the Lamb of God--was slain,
Taking upon Himself our sin--bearing all our guilt and shame.

O that He who knew no sin should become sin for me;
That He should bear the wrath of God and hang condemned upon a tree;

Tell me, what greater gift could Love give than what Calvary's Cross describes?
O that I may know its depths--this Love--and in this grace abide.

Yet I shall spend all of time and still, after eternities at His side,
Never shall I know the fullness of this gift--this Love--this sacrifice
Nor shall I begin to comprehend His matchless price.

Sadie Daniels, 2013

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