Why Should You Die?
By Sadie Daniels [by help from on high]
November 17, 2012

In your heart you know that you've sinned
You know you're deserving of death
And yet you deny it and chase down the wind
When all the while God's giving you breath

He has not dealt with you according to your sins
He has not punished you as you deserve
He withholds judgement as He holds out His hands
Bidding you to come and to live

For why should you die; why be destroyed
Why run from God--as if you could
Nowhere can you escape to that will not betray you
Hiding will do you no good

For everything hidden will surely be known
And what's done in a corner will be told in the street
So come to Him, now, while mercy is shown
Come, with your Adversary, make peace

Dear sinner, do you not know the reason He came
Or why He gave up His life on a tree
He came so He could seek and save what was lost--
And that means you and me


I want to be like Mary...
By Sadie Daniels [by help from on high]
August 2012

Oh I want to be like Mary
She broke her alabaster flask
Poured its oil out on Jesus
He didn't even have to ask

Mary do you love Me?
Will you do this thing for Me?
Do you trust Me with what's precious?
Would you give it all for Me?

Jesus, You are worthy
Of this and so much more
My blood instead of oil
I'd even gladly pour

But no one else understood
The beat of Mary's heart
They said it was a waste
--it surely wasn't smart

Why, that oil could be sold
The money given to the poor
Why'd she spend it all on Jesus
What did she do that for?

But Jesus did not rebuke her
Nor scorn the gift she gave
She's wrought a good work for Me, He said
And come to prepare Me for the grave

And where'er the Gospel's preached
Her deed will be told of, too
As a memorial to her
[And as a reminder to you]

Don't fear to be like Mary
To love Christ more than self
True, the world will mock you
And relegate you to the shelf

By the world you'll be forgotten
They won't even know your name
But where the Gospel of love is preached
Your love, too, will be proclaimed

Oh, I want to be like Mary
Who broke her alabaster flask
She poured its oil out on Jesus
He didn't even have to ask


Learning Surrender
By Sadie Daniels [by help from on high]
July 25, 2012

It seemed like I had planned out my way
I knew every step; no need to pray
For hadn't God planted the thoughts of my heart?
Did I not just have to do my part?

But I'm learning

That dreams don't come true
Unless they first die
Nothing can live
That's not sacrificed
So I lay it all down
And take up my knife
Kill it so God
Can raise it to life

Not my will, but God's will be done
I submit myself as did Jesus, God's Son
I'm dead to myself--now, as I live
Yes, I've surrendered, but there's still more to give

I'm learning

Because I've surrendered
My plans and my will
Now it's my pleasure
My cup to fill
With all of God's bountiful
Mercy and grace
To pour out on others
Let none go to waste

For I'm dead to myself--now, as I live
Yes, I've surrendered, so there's plenty to give


Morning Prayer
By Sadie Daniels [by help from on high]
June 16, 2011

I wake
I rise
I praise my God
For granting me this breath

To love
And praise
And honour Him
In my life or death

I rise
I fall
I bend my knee
To humble my proud heart

To think
To thank
To praise Him for
The grace that He imparts


Jesus is My Paradise
By Sadie Daniels [by help from on high]
June 1, 2011

Lately life has left me longing
Looking for my journey's end
When I ah! At last, belonging,
Wake in that fair and happy land

Oh distant shores of this soul's Dreaming
I yearn for rest from weary life
And await with joys ever increasing
My entrance into Paradise

Yet, what of these sweet fruits of rest
What would the best of all these be?
The glories of Heaven--I would attest--
Are not to be compared to Thee

For Thou art that Joy of my desire
And were it not for my faith's hope
To walk with Thee--in plain and pasture--
That shore for me should not be home


Do you have the answer to the Million Dollar Question?

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